Preferred Vendor List

We can help you find a caterer, florist, or other professional to help make your event fantastic!

Normally unobtainable except to Washington's Entertainment Connection's private clients, this list is now available to you for a limited time. The vendors selected within this list were chosen based on the quality of their product, their professionalism, their attention to detail and their experience in their field of expertise. Working together as a team of experts, these super party makers have created some of the best events and are ready to make your gathering a spectacular one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Clients who know Washington's Entertainment Connection understand our obsession for quality and the finest service. These are the elements that set the best vendors apart from the good ones. This list represents years of experience in the field, working with the many vendors out there, watching them in action, and seeing the quality of their work. As a result, we have come to know who's good and who's great in the vendor world. Now, you can take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

Working for You

Obviously, Washington's Entertainment Connection wants your business! And while we're at it, if you have the interest, we'd be more than happy to personally discuss our preferred vendors with you, who they are and why we think they are the best. If you wish, we can also advise you on specific vendors to look at based on your needs for your event; since many of the best vendors have specific experience with certain types of events. We have worked hard to become the best at what we do, and we have proven to our former clients that we know how to identify great vendors. Now, you can put that experience to your advantage So you get the best bands and the best vendors.

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