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DJImageWEC has the best DJs in the Washington, DC area for any special occasion including Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, Birthdays, Private Parties and Corporate Events. Our DJs are talented and experienced with an unlimited selection covering many genres and eras of music. Our DJs will work closely with you to ensure that your special occasion is spectacular, a fun and amazing experience that is memorable for all who attend!

Our Djs



WEC has its award winning DJ regarded as one of very best in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas with countless performances at hundreds of events throughout the world. In addition to his vast experience, he brings incredible energy and excitement while spinning the hottest pop and dance songs that will turn your special occasion into a great party!  Click here to learn more.



DJ First Class

DJ First Class specializes in classic pop, rock and dance music for mature clientele especially those age 40 and over. He is experienced and professional while always dressed appropriately in first class attire for your special occasion. He also performs in a party band that can be combined with his DJ services to make your special occasion even more memorable!  Click here to learn more.

Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Services For Your Next Event


Our DJ’s are experienced and are very well reviewed in the DC/MD/VA area.

Through this service, we provide:

  • Personalized “day-of” event schedules
  • How much space is available at your venue for an entertainer?
  • Did you know that many modern Pop tunes can not be played by a live band? Many people don’t realize this. We’ll tell you why.
  • online forms where you may choose music selections, create your timeline, and provide us with other pertinent details
  • “meet with your DJ” personalized service (no charge)
  • a complete site walk through with the client
  • excellent equipment, with backup equipment at every event
  • Prices range from $900 to $1500 on up, depending on length of event and specific optional services requested Optional services include:
  • Lighting for the reception ( uplighting )
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Monogram projections ( personalized )
  • Interactive games and prizes for children’s events
  • The unique “DJ as musician” option – we can provide a DJ who can also play solo piano or guitar for your ceremony or cocktails. In other words, we have DJ’s who can do both.

At WEC, we are here to help you through these issues to find the best music options for you. Want to take the next step? You can listen to sound clips and watch videos of our bands right here on this web site.


Better Customer Service means Better DJs & Better Parties

djservices3If you’ve already decided that you want a DJ, we have awesome solutions for you. We talk with you and communicate your specifics with our performers. They will come fully prepared. A WEC DJ will have the right music, the right requests and the correct names and pronunciations for everyone they need to announce. This attention to detail is the standard for service from us. Do not expect this of other agencies. Our attention to the details of your event will not only ensure the best mix of music for your party, it will ensure your event runs perfectly from start to finish! Can you really afford less?

The Best of Both Worlds – Live Band and DJ Working Together!

A popular option is to have both a band and a DJ perform together at the same event.


  • DJ and band perform together, sometimes alternating, all create variety in the music while eliminating gaps and music down time. The two work in tandem to eliminate the possibility of overlapping of songs, but coordinate tempos, and styles ( redundancy is minimized )
  • For some selections, band can play with DJ
  • DJ can play music on band breaks, to keep the party going ( continuous music)
  • Allows you to be more specific on type of band, since DJ can cover all other styles ( example – hire an actual jazz band, and the dj will play non jazz music on breaks or alternating sets )

Be sure to contact us for details on this exciting and unusual partnership.



The First consultation


Your relationship with Washington’s Entertainment Connection begins with your initial consultation. During this meeting we will answer all of the important questions you may have related to the preparation and execution of your wedding. We ask questions and listen to what your vision of an amazing wedding experience is. Then we present creative answers and honest suggestions based on our years of experience turning dreams of a perfect wedding into a reality. By the time your first consultation is finished, you will have a more lucid vision of your goals. You’ll learn about the entertainment options available to you, what you can expect from our wedding djs, and how we will help you find the right DJ/Entertainer to fit into your special day. Your complete satisfaction is our utmost concern.


Final Consultation

When you sign a contract with WEC to provide wedding entertainment and other wedding related services for your wedding day you become more than just a client. You are now part of the WEC family! Our consultants are available to you around the clock to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We recommend that you meet with your dj personally, at least two weeks prior to your event for a final consultation. This will give you an opportunity to go over your likes and dislikes, the wedding dj playlist, wedding ceremony music, bridal introductions, and any special dances you would like. Our wedding djs will use this information and their professional experience and judgment to make your wedding an amazing experience in a class of its own.



WEC DJ is an award winning proficient DJ that has performed throughout the world since 1993. With countless numbers of performances in hundreds of parties and shows in the areas of Washington DC, MD and VA, he has been regarded as the best Arabic DJ in USA. Click here to learn more.



DJ First Class

Willing to work with any budget to make all of your Musical Needs affordable!
Easily can combine DJ and KJ Services to make a hybrid DJ/Karaoke show. Can also include dancers, up-lighting or even a live band to accompany DJ. Click here to learn more

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