Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

w1Washington’s Entertainment Connection has the very best bands and DJ’s in the DC area, with vast experience in Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Our company's CEO Brian Choper has deep roots in Jewish culture and in fact is bandleader of the Kol Haruach Klezmer Band, the perfect band to perform traditional Jewish music as well as the contemporary and traditional songs people love, that will combined make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration both exceptional and memorable. We also have highly experienced and professional DJ's, MC's and dancers who will engage and entertain young people as well as adults of all generations. In addition to the bands or DJ’s themselves, we can provide outstanding musical options including the finest sound and lighting equipment, together enhancing the total Bar & Bat Mitzvah experience!

w2A Bar / Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for Jewish boys and girls. It only happens once in a child’s life, thus it is an important event and the celebration that follows this ceremony should reflect this by being both exciting and fun. With WEC’s experience, we can handle all of your music entertainment needs, including the planning of the games and the repertoire of music you want performed. We guarantee professionalism from all of our bands, side entertainers and DJ’s, and have a proven track record for creating outstanding performances and incredible parties! 

The Grand Entrance

w3The grand entrance is the formal and festive introduction of the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl, their parents and their siblings. Depending on how you want it to go, from simple to extravagant, it offers an initial opportunity for everyone in attendance who wishes to participate to be included in the celebration, an opportunity for friends and family to share their joy as they communicate their excitement to the hosts, the hosts' family and most especially to the Guest of Honor. Our primary aim is to stage the kind of grand entrance that is a one of a kind celebration, to make sure it is filled with entertainment and fun for everyone.

As a prelude to the grand entrance, the children are coached regarding their role and the adults are ushered into the main room. As friends and family gather, the adults are treated to a cocktail reception where they can socialize and enjoy refreshments to the accompaniment of specially selected music. The children are directed to a separate area where a variety of games and activities are presented, accompanied by an array of current pop and contemporary dance music, all performed at an appropriate volume.


Sample Grand Entrance Enhancements

  • Attendees line up in two columns and the Guest of Honor proceeds down the middle receiving "high fives."
  • Pre-selected individuals swarm around the Guest of Honor with paper and pencils asking for autographs.
  • A group of people rush the Guest of Honor with flash cameras acting like Paparazzi.

The Hora

The Hora is often employed as an all-out invitation to officially get the main festivities underway and leads to full-scale participation on the dance floor. It is a traditional circle folk dance which gathers all people present in a big closed circle. The dancers hold each other by the hands, and the circle turns on itself usually clockwise as each participant follows a sequence of taking three steps forward and one step back. In large groups, you can create several circles while the smaller circles are inside the bigger circle and so on. It's frequently followed by a confetti launch which segues into fast-paced dance music programmed for all ages.

If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, select the registration tab and complete the user friendly form and a member of our sales staff will contact you as quickly as possible. We can help you with all your musical and game entertainment needs to make your event awesome, exciting, fun and memorable for everyone in attendance. We know how to do this!





WEC DJ is an award winning proficient DJ that has performed throughout the world since 1993. With countless numbers of performances in hundreds of parties and shows in the areas of Washington DC, MD and VA, he has been regarded as the best Arabic DJ in USA. Click here to learn more.



DJ First Class

Willing to work with any budget to make all of your Musical Needs affordable!
Easily can combine DJ and KJ Services to make a hybrid DJ/Karaoke show. Can also include dancers, up-lighting or even a live band to accompany DJ. Click here to learn more



The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band

The Internationally Renowned Klezmer Band

kol-haruach-thumbnailWhile Kol Haruach is renowned for Israeli and Klezmer music, they are also seasoned Rock ’n’ Rollers as well. They perform with authority, enthusiasm and excitement and are sure to make your event a blast.

Click here to learn more 



sound-eq1The quality of sound during Bar & Bat Mitzvahs is an important priority to us, and we use only the finest equipment for the best sound experience during such a special occasion. Our high quality sound allows everyone to speak without raising their voice or without the music's volume intruding upon conversations. We ensure that the sound levels are amplified evenly throughout the venue to allow everyone to clearly hear what’s happening during the candle lighting ceremony and any other announcements and remarks. We are capable of handling any logistical challenge for sound including the following:

  • Situating speakers around a room for an even surround sound for a very large gathering
  • Setting up speakers in more than one room with independent volume controls
  • Sending a wireless signal to speakers on different floors




For Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, we have excellent lighting options tailored to match your preferences. We can provide the equipment and creativity to accent your theme's layout, enhance the overall visual impact, and add flair and excitement to the fun on the dance floor and throughout the room. Here are some great examples:

Guest of honor's name projected inside a large white Star of David

Ceiling “painted” in an array of festive, colored light

Highlight sections of the venue with blue up-lighting



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