What We Do

Washington’s Entertainment Connection (WEC) is a full service music agency that manages and books bands and DJ’s that perform parties, weddings, socials or any other type of celebration where live music or DJ’s are involved nationwide. The company also develops and manages event venues and organizes many of the events where their bands and DJ’s are performing. In tandem with these services, WEC supports their label, Bigshot Records, by creating, organizing and managing events that involve BigshotRecords artists.

Washington’s Entertainment Connection (WEC) offers FIVE primary services:

  • Successfully matching clients with live bands and party DJ’s for both public and private affairs, including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and partys and wedding receptions.
  • Management and support of specific party entertainment bands and live music bands.
  • Representation and promotion of independent entertainment bands and party DJ’s performing in MD, DC and VA, signed by the agency
  • Connecting clients with additional support services that have proven (to us) to be superior in the business, such as photography, videography and lighting
  • Expanding our mission to find the greatest musicians possible to hire to perform for you; is WEC’s affiliation with “Gigs For You”. GFY is a non profit musician’s organization that helps professional live musicians and other entertainers network with one another and find work. (GFY was started by our founder, Brian Choper.) Through this affiliation, you can take advantage of these GFY resources. As WEC discovers new talent through GFY, that talent is brought into the A-List group of musicians hired by WEC to perform for you as you hire our bands.

WEC is a family of managers, musicians, sound engineers, photographers, videographers and DJ’s, all working together to create great bands, great music and great events. It is a family of artists in collaboration, providing you great bands and great musical options. Check out Nexus, our in-house band — an awesome example of how the people and performers within our agency work together to create great bands and great music, whether for a corporate party, a festival or a wedding.

A Planning Partner For the Music Side of Things
We do more than help you select the perfect band. When you call to book a party entertainment band through us, you have the opportunity to speak directly with the owner, Brian Choper. Brian is promoter and manager of several bands represented by the agency. He is a world renowned drummer/percussionist. Why is this important?

You are consulting with our live music expert. He is sharing with you his first hand knowledge of what works to make your event, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and parties and wedding receptions a success. With over 35 years of direct experience, he’s seen just about everything one can imagine in the business, he knows the business, the bands, and has the reputation for matching the right band and the right music to make your party awesome.

Brian can discuss the details of your weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and parties and wedding receptions with you, introducing the various live music, party band and party DJ options he might recommend. He will suggest solutions based your ideas and his experience. Together we will help you make an informed and educated music choice. Whether it will be a trio, DJ or full band, our goal is to make your event not only good, but awesome! By helping and supporting you, you can be assured that you’ve made a decision that will give you a great party and make you shine.


About Our Bands

Washington's Entertainment Connection is not your typical agency, as it is more of a music consultancy, where we not only help you match the best size and type of band to your event, we also work with you to survey your favorite tunes. This way, we cater the music list your taste!
Catering the music to your needs: Our party entertainment bands are uniquely flexible professional musicians, in that they are individually able to play many different genres of music, including Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Swing, Klezmer and Classical, all in the same event. For those who love the 60″s sound, we even have an awesome Beatles Tribute band. Each of our bands are professional party entertainers have their own specialty, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are limited to only that sound or style. Our bands are professional musicians who cater their repertoire to your event. For example you hire one of our rock bands, and you want to hear some Latin, jazz, or swing music. No problem. We are professional party entertainment musicians. We can do that! We encourage you to check out each of our bands and sample the wide variety of music they can play. Then you can judge for yourself.
Professionalism: No Matter What Band You Choose: Washington’s Entertainment Connection guarantees professionalism from all of our bands and has a proven record for creating outstanding performances and incredible parties! Unlike any other agency, the owner of WEC, Brian Choper is a well know and respected drummer who plays with many of the bands represented. Professionalism is our top priority. Our professional party entertainment bands will arrive on time and start on time, and will always look awesome. They will do everything they can to ensure your event is impressive, awesome and runs perfectly.

Duos, Trios and Quartets

Nothing compares to great, live music as party entertainment. If these are your thoughts, but you're still considering a DJ, here's a solution that can allow you to keep live music in your plans: the Washington's Entertainment Connection Quartets. Our smaller, more affordable bands are equally great for any corporate event, party, wedding reception, or cocktail hour. Whether you are looking for an event band, dance band, party band, bar mitzvah band or wedding band, for rock, jazz, swing or klezmer, we can help you balance cost with the desire for the excitement of live music. While the full bands of professional party entertainers usually have both two lead players playing off one another, the quartet has one. As an add-on option, we can include a player who also sings, or a vocalist. Whatever you choose, we can provide you high quality professional entertainment at a good price that will allow you to enjoy great, live music in MD, DC, VA for your party! A live music band makes the party in ways a DJ cannot. Now, with our affordable options, live music is within reach. Let us know you want an affordable option for that sound and whether it will be a duo, trio or quartet, we will help you choose the professional party entertainers that have the sound, the live music and the energy level you are looking for. You'll be surprised just how good an affordable a professional band can be.

Musical Options for People Looking to Hire Our Bands

A live band makes the party in ways a DJ cannot. Now, with our affordable options, live music is within reach.

From our live music samples, decide what you like best. Let us know you want an affordable option for that sound and whether it will be a duo, trio or quartet, we will help you choose the party band that has the sound, the music and the energy level you are looking for. You’ll be surprised just how good an affordable party entertainment band can be.
Keep in mind that as good as our trios are, nothing compares to the excitement, energy and versatility of the full size party band. Your corporate event, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday party, anniversary or wedding celebration will have just the right elements of both to keep your event exciting and memorable.

With all of these options available, you can’t go wrong! Give us a call and ask us for details.

Add elegance to any party, function or professional environment. For any event including a corporate event, birthday party, anniversary, graduation party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or wedding reception, ask about our solo, duo, trio or quartet options. They are available for any occasion. Listen to samples of trio and quartet music clips from The Choper Jazz Project (CJP) and The Jazz Connection (TJC).

Are You Ready to Get Started? Contact us for more information.

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