How We Charge

We charge one rate for the full band and different rates for the duos, trios, and quartets. There are other influences that affect how we charge as well. Therefore, if you would like an estimate, we encourage you to contact us so that we may review the possibilities with you.

Our Bands as Quartets

partyNothing compares to great, live music at a party. If you are looking to spice up your event, even if you are considering a DJ as opposed to a band, we would suggest you consider one of our bands as a quartet. Our smaller, more affordable bands are equally awesome for any party, wedding reception, or cocktail hour, yet more economical to afford. Whether you are looking for a dance band, a party band, a band for a Bar Mitzvah or for a wedding, we have great options that can add more excitement to your party than a DJ might add. We have quartets that play rock, jazz, swing, folk or Klezmer.

What Is The Difference Between Our Full Bands And Our Quartets?

While our full bands usually include two lead musicians playing together and off one another, our quartets work with one lead. As an add-on option, we can sometimes include a musician who also sings, or an independent vocalist, whichever you might prefer. Whatever you choose, we can provide you with a high quality band at a more affordable price that will allow you to have great live music to entertain your guests! It has been said time and time again that a live band makes the party by providing an energy in ways a DJ cannot. Now with this option, live music is within more people's reach. Let us know you want an affordable option for a band, and we will help you find the right one for your party. You'll be surprised what we can put together just for you.

A Duo or Trio for Your Ceremony or Cocktails

Consider including our bands for your ceremony, pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, or planned segment prior to the party reception. We invite you to ask us about our duo and trio options. It does not matter whether it be for a corporate event, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday party, anniversary or wedding. In fact, adding a live duo for a wedding ceremony and a trio for cocktails can add an incredible touch of warmth and elegance to your party. Depending on what you want, our combos play a variety of music, from folk or world, Latin, jazz, swing, light rock and more.
Imagine a violin, clarinet or saxophone with bass and keyboard serenading your guests as they enter your ceremony or cocktails. Nothing could be more classy or reflect your sense of tasteful elegance better. And if you are hiring one of our full bands to play for your reception, as an extension of the full band, assuming the duo or trio would directly precede the main party, we can offer you a very reasonable rate for this smaller group, as the players are already on location. Keep in mind that as good as our duos and trios are, nothing compares to the excitement, energy and versatility of our full size bands (that will rock the house down). Your celebration will have just the right elements of both class, energy and downright fun to keep it exciting and memorable. With all of these options available, you can't go wrong!

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