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About Big Shot Records

Big Shot Records is a full service, independent music label that manages, supports and promotes talented artists and bands to make an impact in the creation and development of live and original music in today’s challenging music industry. We are a division of Washington’s Entertainment Connection, a full service music management agency owned and operated in part by experienced musicians in support of aspiring musicians.

Big Shot Records scouts, then signs and books artists and bands. They scout for talent, then offer those they select the support and tools they need to be successful. We have assembled an outstanding team of in-house booking agents, publicists, video producers, music publishers and full legal support. We have expertise in the distribution and licensing of new music, including on our own label, selling more than one million recordings worldwide and placing songs in an Oscar winning film and other media.

The Benefits of Signing With Big Shot Records:

  • Artist Management – managers that nurture and oversee artists by coaching them, building them up, polishing their act and getting them ready for success
  • Publicity and Promotion – team of publicists and social media experts deliver widespread promotion for artists in both mainstream and digital media
  • Concert Booking – dedicated booking agents find great concert venues and festivals for artists to perform and tour across the nation and worldwide
  • Professional EPKs and Websites – creation of excellent bios, photos and videos for use in electronic press kits and websites for optimal promotion of artists
  • Video Production – state-of-the-art studio for producing high quality concert and promotional videos for EPKs, media promotion and concert DVD sales
  • Music Recording – experienced music producers work closely with artists in the development, arranging, recording and mastering of new music
  • Music Distribution – release of new music for worldwide distribution and sales with exposure from radio airplay, social media and other media platforms
  • Online Store – one-stop shopping for the marketing, selling and distribution of CDs and music downloads, concert DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise
  • Publishing and Licensing – our publishing service , Big Shot Publishing, licenses songs for feature films, television shows, commercials and other media
  • Legal Support – knowledgeable music attorneys provide artists with full legal protection for licensing and copyrights on all written and recorded music

Why does Big Shot Records offer such a broad array of benefits?

The basic reality is, most bands do not know how to acquire, manage or cannot afford the bulk of these vital services on their own. Most bands do not even have the basic necessary resources or support to create professional press kits, gain widespread publicity to get noticed, book shows outside of local clubs, produce high quality videos or record a well mastered album. Even if they find the money to actually get these basic things done, they don’t have the publishing, licensing or legal support necessary to ensure maximum royalties and protection for their music.

Artist membership is strictly by invitation. We constantly seek out new talent, either by search or inbound inquiry. We explore what bands might meet our requirements, then depending on what plan we think is appropriate for them, we offer that band or artist an invitation to sign with us:

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