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WEC Android App

“Never Miss a Track with our FREE Android App!”
Do you love Rock & Roll, Pop or even Jazz? Do you love watching bands perform live? Do you enjoy tracking bands? Well, if you said yes to any of these, you will love this WEC app!
The App offers you:
  • 24/7 free access to music from our National acts, St8 of Grace, New York Minute and the New Klezmer Quintet.
  • Videos of our bands and other amazing performers.
  • Hear and see the latest releases from our bands and Tweet us back about what you think.
  • Be a WEC Trend-setter. Help us choose the tracks to release for airplay.
  • Advanced access to our newest performers – see and hear their new releases before anyone else does!
  • Get great advice on hoe to plan your next event from our Blog.

How do you get this App? Easy!
  • Open the Market or app store in your Android phone.
  • Search “WEC great bands”, in quotes as shown.

Our app will list on your screen. Tap to activate the download sequence.

That’s it!

WEC Android App Phone

There is so much to explore and use in our app! Features include:
  • Play our music through your phone from the Songs tab.
  • See the latest media from our bands and performers under the photos and videos tab.
  • Find out when your favorite groups are playing live on the Shows tab.
  • Check our Facebook page and Tweet about your favorite music and info under the Social Media tab.
  • Join our mailing list!
  • Read our Blog under the News tab

It’s all there, waiting for you! Download your free WEC app today!