Finding a Photographer is Easy.
Finding The Right Photographer Can Be A Lot More Work.

  • Why Have a Photography Section on a Music Agency Website?
  • What would a music agency know about photographers?
  • Why should a music agency have any credibility in this area?
  • Why should we care?

We have worked with many photographers over the years, and have had ample opportunities to experience the quality of their work. We understand their best practices and on site operating styles that allowed them to make their live shots memorable and posed shots shine.

Charles Jablow Photography

What It Means to Be a Good Photographer
The photographers results, like a painter's final work, span a range of styles and effects. Most photographers are good, capturing images of an event and allowing the viewer to fondly remember the times preserved. Good photographers develop the timing to capture those special "moments" through training, innate skill and practice. We have been fortunate to work with many great image-smiths and portrait focused photographers.


WEC features those photographers we find special, exceptional, and memorable. Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Any photographer can charge any price. Quality is a gift in the hands of the photographer.

What We Look For
We look for professionalism on the job and portrait quality photographic results. Differences in quality, creativity and professionalism are expected. We have seen a broad spectrum of on-site professionalism, work ethic, customer service, and results. A great photographer "works" an event, capturing candid photos and portrait quality images. As our client, you benefit from our observations over years in the field. We have worked with many good photographers and some really great ones.

One Stands Out
From the many local photographers we've worked with, whom we would suggest you look at, one shines amongst the rest. His name is Charles Jablow of Charles Jablow Photography. He's located in Tyson's Corner, VA. He is available to work on location virtually anywhere in the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis area.


We have found him easy to work with, on time, reliable and responsive to our client's needs. We appreciate how he collaborates with all parties involved to achieve the desired results. Most importantly, he takes pride in his work. He is an artist. His work is not just a job for him. Most importantly, his results are astonishing, beautiful, emotional and memorable. When we refer him to you, we don't have to worry about the results. We know he'll do an awesome job, in keeping with your highest standards.


When you call him, let him know we referred you. He will listen to your needs, your preferences, the kinds of pictures you are looking for, your ideas and your special concerns. He will adjust the way he does things to make sure you're taken care of. We are referring him to you because we believe you'll love the results.

Contacting Him
When you plan a great party, you want to preserve great memories of your special day. Charles will help you do that. You can check out his web site to see more photos. You can reach him by calling 703-216-8878 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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