DJ/Band Combo

Are you torn between a DJ and a band for your party? Are you interested in a live band, but like the familiarity of tunes played by the original artists? Are you planning a party for your child who wants a DJ....but you want a band? WEC has come up with the answer you.
We have a unique DJ/Band Combo that might just be the perfect solution. We hear of so many situations where our clients want what they usually can't get -- a DJ and a Band together. Our DJ's and Bands have teamed up to provide not only outstanding live music, but great DJ music at the same party. The DJ coordinates your party's entertainment with the Band, alternates performance time with the Band and then they play music together. It's like having the best of both worlds, and it's ONLY available at WEC!


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Photos Courtesy of Charles Jablow Photography.

Author: EnterDCPrime

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