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Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Services For Your Next Event

Our DJ's are experienced and are very well reviewed in the DC/MD/VA area.

Through this service, we provide:

  • Personalized "day-of" event schedules
  • How much space is available at your venue for an entertainer?
  • Did you know that many modern Pop tunes can not be played by a live band? Many people don't realize this. We'll tell you why.
  • online forms where you may choose music selections, create your timeline, and provide us with other pertinent details
  • “meet with your DJ” personalized service (no charge)
  • a complete site walk through with the client
  • excellent equipment, with backup equipment at every event
  • Prices range from $900 to $1500 on up, depending on length of event and specific optional services requested Optional services include:
    • Lighting for the reception ( uplighting )
    • Dance floor lighting
    • Monogram projections ( personalized )
    • Interactive games and prizes for children's events
    • The unique "DJ as musician" option – we can provide a DJ who can also play solo piano or guitar for your ceremony or cocktails. In other words, we have DJ’s who can do both.

At WEC, we are here to help you through these issues to find the best music options for you. Want to take the next step? You can listen to sound clips and watch videos of our bands right here on this web site.

Better Customer Service means Better DJs & Better Parties

If you've already decided that you want a DJ, we have awesome solutions for you. We talk with you and communicate your specifics with our performers. They will come fully prepared. A WEC DJ will have the right music, the right requests and the correct names and pronunciations for everyone they need to announce. This attention to detail is the standard for service from us. Do not expect this of other agencies. Our attention to the details of your event will not only ensure the best mix of music for your party, it will ensure your event runs perfectly from start to finish! Can you really afford less?

The Best of Both Worlds - Live Band and DJ Working Together!

A popular option is to have both a band and a DJ perform together at the same event.

  • DJ and band perform together, sometimes alternating, all create variety in the music while eliminating gaps and music down time. The two work in tandem to eliminate the possibility of overlapping of songs, but coordinate tempos, and styles ( redundancy is minimized )
  • For some selections, band can play with DJ
  • DJ can play music on band breaks, to keep the party going ( continuous music)
  • Allows you to be more specific on type of band, since DJ can cover all other styles ( example - hire an actual jazz band, and the dj will play non jazz music on breaks or alternating sets )

Be sure to contact us for details on this exciting and unusual partnership.

Photos Courtesy of Charles Jablow Photography.


DJ Photo Montage

Are You Ready to Get Started? Contact us for more information.

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