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“I have been following Pop bands for over a decade for the New York Times, and saw a portion of your web cam from last night (thank you WETA radio for letting me know). Your TnL band is one of the best Pop/Rock bands I have ever seen. It rivals the best of the best in NYC and LA, and I think you are better. You have locally in Baltimore a very well-known band called “The Reagan Years”. They play 4 nights a week, and you are far better than they are on any day of the week.

This is a big band, but your lead guitarist is amazing, your drummer did the best rendition of Barracuda I have ever heard with licks like Neil Peart would have used, and your version of “Set The Fire To the Rain” with the horn arrangement, drums rocking it up just a tad with an air of excitement and dynamics far deeper than the original, and a very good, dynamic lead vocalist, together created a groove so good I believe it is better than the Adele original. The next time you do a show, I need to know about it. I need to come see you live. There is no doubt.”

-Ben Ratliff, Music Critic, New York Times

“Your band, TnL, was hired by me to play the music at my daughter’s wedding, last Saturday, September 29, 2012. I can honestly say that I was thrilled with my choice. The music prior to and during the ceremony was great. The music played during the reception was over the top! All of our guests were very complimentary of the band’s performance. Quite candidly, I thought the performance was unparalleled by any of the groups I have seen. Should anyone need a solid and professional Rock, Soul, Pop and Blues band to play any event, they could not go wrong with the TnL Band.”
– Howard S. Abramson, Owings Mills, MD

“Having lived in the Washington, DC area since 1985… it came time to plan our daughter’s wedding our first priority was to find a group of professional musicians that really know how to play… and singers who know how to sing …not blasting people out of the room. We went to those popular DC area talent agencies, listened… and left very disappointed.

(With) Mr. Brian Choper, I was impressed with his training and background as a professional drummer and Band Manager and the fact that the people who he associates with also are trained professional musicians. This was confirmed by the samples of musical selections that he sent us.

Prior to the wedding, Brian worked with us, the vendors and hotel staff to execute the event.

TnL was absolutely fabulous, the quality of the music was outstanding and they exceeded all of our expectations. The band was able to perform equally well all types of music including oldies, classic rock and roll, and pop from the 50s to current top hits, and the sound was perfectly controlled throughout the evening. This was a Jewish wedding, and the hora set was the best that we have ever heard. The band played almost continuously for 4 hours, took very short breaks that did not interrupt the flow of the event.

We can honestly say that the party did not stop and our guests did not leave the dance floor (except to eat). In fact, we had the band play overtime, since we noticed that our guests were having the time of their lives, and at 12:30 AM did not seem as if they wanted the party to end.

More importantly, our guests couldn’t stop raving about the band, and the Senior Meetings and Special Events Manager at the Ritz told us this band was just awesome!

Brian, we can’t thank you enough for making Melissa’s wedding a most memorable celebration. TnL is truly an exceptional group and we are looking forward to having you play again! “

- Barbara and Thomas, North Potomac, Maryland

“You and the band did a phenomenal job. You can’t imagine what the staff at the Ritz thought. I have been at many affairs (we are now entering the wedding stage) and your group was without any doubt the best set of musicians and singers I have ever heard in the DC area. My sister, Miriam is also a professional musician and we have the highest of standards. You exceeded my dreams and I hope that you will be around when Lauren gets married!! It is such a pleasure to actually work with people who know how to play and sing. Joseph was also wonderful as MC! Thank you so much again!

Best wishes,

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