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The clip below is actually TnL live, taken toward the end of a wedding. You will note other singers (very excited guests of the bride and groom who decided to join the band in all the fun and excitement), especially on the second song, Sweet Caroline. Obviously, some of the guest voices were not exactly “in tune”, but at that point it was about the party, and this band puts on a crazy party! This was a very excited crowd having a good time, who could not help but to sing along in our mikes.

The following MP3’s were recorded live, May and June this year (2012). This is TnL live, unplugged, unedited.

About Fire To The Rain: Many are suggesting this track to be studio produced, including a full horn section added after it was recorded in the studio. No, this is not a produced track whatsoever. This is a live take of our version of the Adele song, recorded on a stage with guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, Laurie on vocals and just two brass instruments; sax and trumpet. So, what you hear is what the band actually sounds like, live!

Studio cover recordings, 2012:

For those of you looking for a Hora set at your event:

The following audio clips show you what the band sounds like with optional saxophone added.

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