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Rock & Roll, Funk, Disco and Pop – Rockin’ Down The House

Click Here to See Our Song ListClick Here to Learn More About UsThis is a recording of the band playing live from the back of the hall in a club in Montgomery County, Maryland. We weren’t gonna post it but many of our friends and fans have heard and thought it was fun to listen to. Please send us an email rating these performances. We’d love to hear from you!


We are a Rock & Roll band, and are known to rock down the house with the Rock classics as well as more modern Pop! The party is our trademark. Our diversity helps make the party, because we can cater to your needs!

Rock sound clips

Take a listen to some of the sound clips provided below. Note that in order to demonstrate our diversity, we have included a few swing Jazz samples.

“An awesome, awesome job! As you know, I was worried that the band would not get everybody dancing, as our guest list ran the gamut from 25 through 85 years of age. I was really concerned. But your band not only pulled it off, you rocked the house! You had just the right mix of music, and you weren’t too loud either. I could not believe watching our senior friends out there on that dance floor rockin’ it out with the 25 year olds. Quite a site, and something few bands could do. We’ve had lots of compliments. Thank you so much for making the party!”

- Jessica Pratt, New York

Live clips of the band
  • On the Live Performance of “We Are Family”,
    the mic was passed to various guests at the party so they could join us in the fun.
  • During the Live Performance of “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”,
    Holly, the singer, is mingling with the audience, so pardon the vocal dropouts.

Dinner Music or Music for your cocktails

We are flexible. Are you planning a wedding or party where cocktail or dinner music would be appreciated? If this interests you, even though we are a rock band, we can easily accommodate. Our diversity and flexibility allow us to cater to requests of a broad nature, well beyond Rock & Roll. If you have an interest in this, we can easily play a variety of other genre including (believe it or not) Jazz, Swing and Latin. As an example, see some of the sound samples below.

So, why do we play all of this music and still call ourselves a Rock band? Why are we able to change faces so easily? Simple. We can do it, and we are good at it. You basically gain the benefits of two bands for the price of one and thus can entertain guests who may enjoy dancing and partying to a wider variety of music. It’s up to you. It is a unique option we are more than happy to offer you. Nexus has been known to add Swing (and even Latin) to their repertoire when asked. For more ideas you may want to visit our sister band, The Jazz Connection.

Music Recorded by Mike Durham. To prevent unauthorized downloads the following sound clips are being presented at 25% of the sound quality as they are on our CDs. If you wish to hear higher quality clips please contact us.
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