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Although Brian founded several bands, the history of one illustrates Brian’s vision. The renowned Nexus Rock Band grew out of Brian Choper’s passion for great rock and roll and his desire to create a music project that would stand out from other bands. The result, after two years and lots of hard work, was a more polished band that could play music beyond what you typically hear from a party band. Its members are better players who can play out and jam with the music, and the overall show is more engaging with the audience on a musical level.

The band was conceived back in 2005, and today performs private parties and corporate events. As this band was first conceived, many on the outside believed that such a group could not be maintained, as it was difficult to find the right musicians to fit the high standards sought. It took Brian and his team two years just to find the right players. The result is quite a contrast from most rock and roll bands of today.

In 2007, the group started working together without a specific agenda as they tried to identify their own sound. They quickly realized that every time they got together to rehearse, they were creating a new rock concept, writing a new tune, or figuring out how to make each song more interesting, more unique, or more rockin’. The players had special talents in writing, lyrics and arranging. As performance inquiries came in, they expanded their repertoire to include classic rock, modern pop, funk and exciting new & original compositions.

Today the band is known for their unusual flexibility in their music. Their amazing ability to adapt to the individual preferences of the client while knowing exactly what to play to keep the party in high motion has become quickly noticed. Their popularity has allowed them to play for parties while bringing forth invites to play for major galas, celebrity parties and heads of state, including such notables as the President Of The United States and Nancy Pelosi.

Nexus, the perfect band for any wedding, gala, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, aniversary, corporate affair, college party or party in general!

The Musicians in the Band

The Nexus Rock Band, your ultimate variety and rock band, know for making a party at any event, and getting people up and dancing and keeping them on the dance floor.
Don’t Rock musicians only play rock and roll?

This band and the experienced musicians within it — saxophone, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and vocals — are seasoned in a vast variety of music beyond rock and roll, including funk, disco and jazz. The band is fortunate to include members who have won many an accolade; a clarinetist who received a prestigious classical music award, a keyboard player who happens to be the vice president’s personal pianist, a Grammy nominated guitarist and composer, a drummer whose performance history includes working with some of the greatest jazz artists of our time, and a saxophone player who plays as a regular with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

The Musicians And Their Ability To Play Music Together

Musicians from the Nexus Rock Band, Rock down the house.
When you put fantastic musicians together that are versed in a wide range of musical styles, you end up with an amazing repertoire list heavy on rock and roll, pop and funk. Yet, this band is able to play just about anything asked of them. You get a band that is able to perform as a full ensemble, yet is also able to play awesome music as a quartet or quintet if the budget or performance space becomes a concern. Please ask about this option.

The Diversity of their Repertoire

The band can play the standards everybody hears so often, including such tunes as Celebration, Respect, Dancin’ In The Street, Mustang Sally, while also tackling tunes not as often played including Free Bird, Spinning Wheel, Come Sail Away, Evil Ways, Born To Be Wild, Midnight Hour and so many others. This makes us the perfect wedding band, Bar Mitzvah band, gala band, anniversary band or corporate event band, as we can adapt our repertoire to satisfy just about any group. We encourage you to peruse our ever-expanding repertoire of 200+ songs. This list includes classic Rock & Roll, light Rock, Pop, Funk and Disco.

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