Duende Quartet Song List

  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Ethnic
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Our Concert Repertoire List includes these songs among others:

Title Composer Performance Style
Peruchín C. Otwell Son-Montuno
Fiesta a la King Tito Puente Mambo
Countdown J. Coltrane Merengue
JuJu W. Shorter 6/8
Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel hybrid 5/4, mambo
So in Love Cole Porter Tres Guaguancó
Tom Thumb W. Shorter Cha Cha Chá
Things Ain’t what they Used to Be D. Ellington Swing / 6/8
African Flower D. Ellington Afro-Rumba
Afro Blue M. Santamaría Rumba Yambú
Tyrone L. Young Tres Guaguancó
Angelica D. Ellington Mambo
Every Time We Say Goodbye Cole Porter Bolero
It’s You or No One J. Styne Mambo Jazz
Currundengo M. Donayre Zamacueca
Bonita H. Silver Cha Cha Chá
The Dolphin Luis Eça Bossa Nova
Requiem D. Byrd slow 6/8
Tin Tin Deo Gillespie/ Pozo Afro-Swing
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart D. Ellington Swing / 6/8
Black Fire A. Hill 6/8
Nutville H. Silver Rumba Columbia
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