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The Choper Jazz Project

“The Choper Jazz Project Features Straight Ahead Jazz. These Great Musicians Feed Off One Another and Share Their Energy with the Audience.”

The personal project of Drummer Brian Choper, this band writes and performs all types of Jazz, and is one of the great Jazz bands of the area.

  • Jazz
  • Swing
  • Booked as 14 players

2 and a Bass

2 and a Bass
“Well crafted, classy and unparallel musicianship – this sharp trio will give your event the finishing touch.”

Founded by renowned bass player Dan Hall, the 2 and a Bass Trio offer creative mixed instrumentation that lets this group convincingly play a wider variety of musical styles then a standard string trio or quartet. They easily perform material from the traditional classical repertoire while excelling at jazz and pop tunes. Style, versatility and performance excellence – 2 and a Bass.

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Booked as 3 players

Duende Quartet

Duende Quartet by Frank Stewart for JALC
“The Duende Quartet specializes in small-combo arrangements for piano, bass and percussion that are intimate, interwoven and, thanks to unexpected shifts in meter, delightfully inventive.”

The Duende Quartet has been chosen twice by Jazz at Lincoln Center to tour internationally under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State’s American Music Abroad program.

  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Ethnic
  • Booked as 4 players

Duos, Trios and Quartets

Looking for something smaller and more intimate? Looking to add a touch of class to your event without involving a full band, consider hiring a trio. 2 and a Bass, the Jazz Connection and The Choper Jazz Project are available as a trios.

  • Variety
  • Booked as 24 players
Our Bands
The Jazz Connection
“Songs By Singers Like Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole, Fred Astaire….
You and Your Guests Will Dance the Night Away!”
The Jazz Connection is a modern, well established group of professional musicians; a band that brings the classics back to life from the 20′s. 30′so, 40′so and 50′so. Our professional party entertainers may have guests swaying one moment to Ray Charles sultry ballads like “Georgia”, the next minute joyously shake the dance floor to Duke Ellington’s high energy “A Train”, or groove with the smoky jazz club nostalgia of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Night in Tunisia”. We have performed at various well-known venues and concert halls, including The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and Twins Jazz. This is a professional party entertainment band that prides itself on matching the mood of the music to the mood of the guests. For the event that requires flexibility, the band is available from 2 – 6 pieces. What we play and how we dress are completely up to you! Contact us for more information.
The Jazz Connection Trios: Looking for something smaller then the full band? Looking for music for your small corporate event, cocktail hour or ceremony? Looking to impress your guests with warmth and pizzazz with a smaller group? Looking for a solution easier on the pocket? Consider either a trio or a three piece band of our professional musicians. Either way, The Jazz Connection can accommodate you. Contact us for details.
The Choper Jazz Project: A Quartet Performing Swing, Upbeat & Straight Up Jazz
“The Choper Jazz Project Features Straight Ahead Jazz. These Great Musicians Share Their Energy With the Audience.”
A tasteful group of real professional musicians, jazz players who know the A-B-Cs of jazz: Adderley, Bird, and Coltrane; and gives them the proper treatment. This is a band that distinguishes itself from other jazz bands by adjusting their music and style to the audience’s taste and mood.
The result: the feel of real jazz at your elegant affair; or Wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, corporate event and party. The band creates an ambiance all its own, pleasing and entertaining your guests while remaining unobtrusive at events of all types, Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and parties.
Or, for a more upbeat reception, this band can mix it up and really rock out. The unusual flexibility of the group to play music beyond straight up jazz allows the option for you, the client, to request a mix of jazz, swing, Latin and even rock & roll. Call us for more information.
The band can dress formally or informally, as you request. Ensure a great party and hire the Choper Jazz Project today. Available as 1- 4 musicians for galas, parties, corporate events and wedding receptions.
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