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New Klezmer Quintet

The New Klezmer Quintet Sound Clips

“The Internationally Renowned Klezmer Band…The Band That Played for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Event…As Featured and Heard Simulcast on NPR”
  • Israeli
  • Klezmer
  • Russian
  • Booked as 38 players
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The following sound clips are being presented at 25% of the sound quality as they are on our CDs. If you wish to hear higher quality clips please contact us.


A taste of our Jazz


The band is working a new project, taking Klezmer tunes and rocking them up, and taking popular rock tunes and adding a Klezmer influence. Here are 6 new tracks from this project.


Our new Live — In Concert CD, entitled “Unexpected Joy — Live In Concert With Ramon Tasat“.

This new CD has been given very good reviews and has been featured on many music and cultural radio shows including the Estelle Abraham radio program, “Jewish Community Radio”, AM radio 1120 — WUST, Washington DC, 9:30 AM, Sunday morning, November 30, 2008.

Erev Shel Shoshanim
Al Col Ele
Klezmer Medley #1
Caravan (Duke Ellington)
It Don’t Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington)
Klezmer Medley #2
La Vida (Do Por El Raqui)
La Ner (veliB’samim)
Klezmer Encore

By groupie request…. Orange Blossom Special

The following was an accident. We were recording other things in the studio in late July (this year), when, during a moment of pause, our violinist starting fooling around (as we all do in the studio) with this tune, the Orange Blossom Special, a very well-known Bluegrass tune. Next thing you knew, everyone else kicked in and started playing. Little did we know the recorder was rolling. So, we had this thing on tape.

Now, this is a Bluegrass tune, not a Klezmer tune, and certainly not a Jazz or a Rock tune, so it had nothing to do with the types of music we play, and we really did not know what to do with it. We were thinking of filing it away in scrap land. But, it leaked out. People were blown away by it, and many of them asked us to release it. We are still not sure what we are going to do with it, but decided to acknowledge the fans and post it on the site, just for kicks. I guess it shows our diversity.

The inside joke is that the band is calling it “Jewgrass!” Listen for yourself. Enjoy. This is completely unedited. Note that Fred on Clarinet is not present in this, as he was out in the other room getting his sugar with coffee.

Your Opinion Counts- Choose Tracks for their Upcoming Album!

The New Klezmer Quintet is working on their next album. We have 5 new tracks and we are trying to decide which ones to use on the album. Help us decide which tracks to use. Please rate them 1 through 5 or don’t use.

We will look to see which track earned the most votes, and those who chose that track will win a pre-released, autographed copy of our new CD as it is released some time early next year. In addition, we will do a raffle of all those who chose the winning track, and the winner of that will be given 2 free tickets to the next New Klezmer Quintet concert. We look forward to seeing which track you think is the best!

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