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“The Band Known Across the Country and Across Europe for
Their Original Klezmer-Jazz Style”.
  • Israeli
  • Klezmer
  • Russian
  • Rock
  • Booked as 38 players
Wedding DanceWe are a very dynamic, flexible band. Listen to our many music samples below.

The following sound clips are being presented at 25% of their original quality for easier streaming.

  • Israeli – for everyone interested in traditional music and dancing (hora, etc.)

    We are known for making the party! We are also known for playing hora sets.getting people up and dancing. By request, we have posted this hora clip.

    It is a sample of what we would likely play either at a party, a wedding, or a concert if we wanted to get everybody onto the dance floor. (It is a rare recording of the band from an actual event in 2008 playing a complete Israeli hora.)

    This clip is almost 20 minutes in length. It may take a minute or two to load.

Traditional Klezmer Clips – for everyone interested in traditional music and dancing (hora, etc.)

Napkin Dance
Rock & Roll – for all ages, but especially for the younger crowd

Listen to both the studio and live clips selections below. If you are looking for more Rock & Roll and less Klezmer, we can do that, too. But, we also might suggest you check out the Nexus Rock Band. They can do this as well. And if you want, the two bands can merge together to give you a really awesome, diversified show that can include a broad mix of both klezmer and rock. No one can match this option! If you like this idea, don’t forget to ask us to tell you more!

Live clips – We play Rock & Roll too. Clips from a live show.

[note that the mic was passed to various guests at the party for We Are Family so that they could sing along]

Studio clips




Our Trio Vs. 3 Piece Band

On a budget, but still want a live band? The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band has your solution. Most people know a small group costs less than a large one. The question is, will a small group like a trio actually work at your party? Will it get everyone dancing, or will it just create atmosphere? Well, Kol Haruach has looked at this issue, and has an awesome solution. Introducing our 3 piece band.

Yes, this is still an ensemble consisting of three players, so it is still technically a “trio”…but not really. While your typical trio only provides the energy and atmosphere of three pieces, we’ve figured out a way of zipping it up to make it work as a band, with more vitality. The difference involves the players, the playing and the sound system used.

3 Piece Band

3 Piece Band

Here are 5 sample clips. The first 3 are of the trio, while the last two are of the 3 piece band. You will hear a very different sound, one that takes the typical lounge trio and converts it into a dance/Klezmer/Israeli band…at a VERY affordable price. Click play to hear more samples!
For your cocktail hour or reception – You have the option of having Juleen set the mood on vocals.

Swing Clips – for the adults. Some slow dancing, some faster fox-trot

Like our Rock & Roll, our “jazz style” is part of the mix,
depending on the client’s preferences.
Click here for sound samples from our latest album.

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