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Whether we are performing for a party or in concert, our goal is to make your event the very best it can be. Our job is to delight and entertain your guests and make the party a wonderful, memorable occasion. When you have fun, we have fun!

Kol Haruach’s performance style has become its trademark; the Band chooses the appropriate style depending on the occasion of the performance or the atmosphere requested by the client. These include their Klezmer “hora” or energetic Jewish party style, their concert performance style where each musician takes turns soloing the melody; their Jazz style that shows off their playfulness with improvisational American Jazz and Swing, and their Rock & Roll, music that allows them to morf into a completely different band while still jamming in an improvisational manner…and the band is very good at it!

Wedding DanceThe hora (party) style is typically played at weddings and other Simchas. The Jazz is very classy and brings the band back to its roots, and the Rock & Roll obviously works just about anywhere where one wants to party down! Kol Haruach plays with improvisation and spontaneity – never arranged. Rock and Jazz are almost always requested and is mixed into the repertoire no matter where this Band plays.

Kol Haruach is a diverse group, and together some of our members also perform as a band called The Jazz Connection. This band plays Jazz standards from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. In fact, two of our members are world-renowned for their Jazz. So, if you’re planning a swanky, stylish event, or if you think background music would add atmosphere during the cocktail hour, just let us know and we’ll include it in our mix.

Our Diversity and Experience

We are experienced with both all Jewish and mixed events, we can mix it up…pull out the Jazz, Latin, Rock…and tie it all into the celebration. We even mix it up with the hora sets. And, if your guests are shy, or don’t know the Klezmer steps…not to worry. Our Clarinetist is a professional dance instructor who will step off the stage to teach everyone who wants to learn…right there on the dance floor. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s a party for everyone!

A klezmer band that plays Jazz, Rock & Roll and more? We are far more flexible than most klezmer bands and can cater to your needs and tastes.

Kol HaruachObviously, we play Klezmer music. However, if you hire Kol Haruach to play for your party or event, you have the option of requesting more than just Klezmer music. The band can play Israeli, Swing, contemporary Jazz and we are very great at Rock & Roll. We are happy to include any or all of this in the mix for your party if you are interested, and we do it all the time. In fact, Kol Haruach is so well known for its long hora sets, Swing and Rock & Roll, at some events the band starts off with klezmer, but ends up performing more Swing and Rock than anything else.

If you enjoy Jazz or Rock & Roll and are interested in including some of this for your event, call us. You might also want to check out the Nexus Rock Band and their sound samples. Since many of our players also play in that band, the group could include Rock and Pop in the mix for your event, if you have the interest. (listen to sound samples from Nexus)

Our customers say it best:

“Please also convey to the band how much we enjoyed the music. It was a tall order to go from klezmer to Israeli, to swing, to rock, but Kol Haruach pulled it off seamlessly. The music selections were so varied that everyone at the wedding found something they could dance to – as you saw, the large dance floor was full to the brim with our guests. We got so many compliments on the band’s excellent musicianship and on the vocalists.
Thank you so much for your attention to detail and to our needs! ”

- Meryl Weiner, Springfield, VA, July 2009

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