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Nothing compares to great, live music at a party. If these are your thoughts, but you're still considering a DJ, here's a solution that can allow you to keep live music in your plans: the Kol Haruach quartet, trio, duo, or single.
Our smaller, more affordable bands for rock, jazz, klezmer, Israeli and swing will help you balance cost with the excitement of live music. While the full Kol Haruach Band has both violin and clarinet playing off one another, the quartet has one or the other. As an add-on option, we can include a player who also sings. Whatever you choose, we can provide you a high quality band at a good price that will allow you to enjoy great, live music for your party!
A live band makes the party in ways a DJ can not. Now, with our affordable options, live music is within reach.

Our Klezmer Trio and 3 Piece Band



On a budget, but looking for a Klezmer band for your wedding, Bar Mitzvah or party? The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band has your solution. Try our 3 Piece Band. Everyone knows that on average, the smaller the ensemble, the lower the cost, and anyone can provide a trio. But, how will that sound at your party, and will it get people up and dancing when you want them dancing? In other words, will it actually work at your party? Well, Kol Haruach has looked at this issue, and came up with an awesome solution, our 3 piece band.

Three Piece Band

Three Piece Band


Trio and 3 Piece Band music clips

From our music samples, decide what you like best. Let us know you want an affordable option for that sound and we will help you choose the band that has the sound and the music you are looking for. You'll be surprised just how good an affordable band can be.


Yes, this is still an ensemble consisting of three players, so it is still technically a trio….but not really. While your typical trio only provides the energy of three pieces, we've figured out a way of zipping it up to make it work with more energy…..band energy. But, don't take our word for it, listen for yourself.

Since the band includes such diverse and flexible players, by adding a modified PA system to the show and adjusting what we play and how we play it, you should hear a very different sound, one that takes the typical lounge trio and converts it into a dance/Klezmer/Israeli band…at a VERY affordable price.

A Duo or Trio For Your Ceremony or Cocktails

Dinner PartyNow that you have heard some of our vast music options, include us in your ceremony, pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, or planned segment prior to the main party . We invite you to ask us about our duo and trio options. Adding a live duo for the ceremony and a trio for the cocktails can add an incredible touch of warmth and elegance to your event.
Our combos play anything, including ethnic, Israeli, Latin, Jazz, Swing and more. Imagine a violin or clarinet with bass serenading your guests as they enter your ceremony or as they enjoy cocktails. Nothing could be more fun and reflect your tasteful elegance better. And as an extension of the full band, assuming these moments directly precede the main party, we can offer you a very reasonable rate for this smaller group, as the players are already on location.
Keep in mind that as good as our duos, trios and quartets are, nothing compares to the excitement, energy and versatility of the full size band.
Your celebration will have just the right elements of both to keep your event exciting and memorable.
With all of these options available, you can't go wrong!

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