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Peter Cannella Begins Journey to Stardom with WEC and help from The Choper Jazz Project

Is singer-songwriter Peter Cannella the next Sinatra or Buble'?

 Washington’s Entertainment Connection founder and acclaimed drummer Brian Choper believes so -- enough to sign him to a long-term contract and custom build a band around him featuring some of the top musicians in the Mid-Atlantic region. He calls the artist's performances "jaw-dropping and memorable".

A WEC scout discovered the traditional pop, swing and jazz artist in 2014. At that time, Peter was singing classics and originals to packed houses at restaurants, nightclubs and casinos from New York to Philadelphia. After hearing him sing and play, Brian was convinced WEC could help make him a star.

  "The best musicians and artists are those who can do their craft effortlessly without even trying," Brian says. "Peter is one of those people. He sings naturally from the heart and always on key. His voice is an easy toss between the great Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble'. Thus, his take on the music makes each song either his own when he wants it to be, or an emulation of the original artist's tune if he prefers that direction."

 Impressed by Peter's amazing singing and songwriting talents, WEC spent several months looking at many musicians to find the right ones for a band to back him. They finally choose players from Brian Choper’s own jazz band to create a new act called The Choper Jazz Project featuring, Peter Cannella. Peter's supporting cast includes legends Brian on drums, Gene Chapman on saxophone, Harry Appelman on keyboards, and Ephraim Wolfolk on bass. All four musicians are popular acts on their own. Brian and Gene have played many celebrity shows worldwide and performed for a host of high-profile government events. Harry, who teaches at Montgomery College, has also appeared around the world with renowned bands. Ephraim serves on the board of the D.C. Federation of Musicians.

 "Finally, after all these years, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, where I am finally working with good people who are making things happen," Peter says. "Every single time I've sung has been for the joy of the music and to accomplish being seen by someone who could actually do something more with my music. I now have that as a singer for Big Shot Records."

 What will audiences hear at a concert or event  with The Choper Jazz Project featuring, Peter Cannella?

 Peter describes his sound as traditional pop, swing and jazz. Some of the tenor's favorite classics include Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good", Bobby Darin's "Mack the Knife", and Frank Sinatra's "My Way". Also an accomplished songwriter and digital arranger, the artist plans to throw in an occasional original featuring a combination of traditional pop and dominant elements of modern music. This versatile musical combination makes The Choper Jazz Project featuring, Peter Cannella the ideal band for events of all kinds because of the music’s multi-generational appeal.

 The artist admits that he sounds a bit like Michael Buble', but not because he is trying to sound like him. "I like his arrangements and naturally have that sound," Peter notes with a smile.

 Brian Choper, the band’s drummer and manager, adds that the concerts will feature familiar tunes from the '40s and '50s. Peter often emulates Sinatra with that unforgettable style and finesse, while other times singing his own way.

 "The song 'Georgia' is a good example of his range," Choper continues. "No matter how he goes about it, with the band backing him up, the result is a jaw-dropping, memorable performance."

 Peter says his passion for singing requires hard work and a long-term commitment to WEC.

 "It's all about talent, and cultivating and producing it," he says. "Working with BSR is a great and unique opportunity for people like me, because it gives the artist a profession that we get to be ourselves in."


To hear what Brian, Tony Barnes, and other members of the BSR team are calling one of the most exciting musical discoveries in recent years give them a call at 301.441.8899. Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing Peter Cannella!

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Author: Tony Barnes

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