Bands by Party TypeYou may notice as you peruse our website, that we have provided two different ways for you to discover and locate the bands listed on this website; one by band name, the other by the type of event they usually play. We’ve provided both search options to make it all the easier for you to find the perfect band for your needs.

“If you want an outstanding party band, organized and put together just for your specific vision and needs, then Washington’s Entertainment Connection is the right place to look.”
- Melissa Gluck, Potomac MD

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Corporate Events, Galas, Fundraisers & Private Concerts
Are you planning a corporate event or fundraiser? If so, WEC wants to make you and your company look great! We don’t just play corporate events, we put on a show for you. When our bands play corporate parties they will impress your guests. When your guest are happy, they open their checkbooks, and you shine! For corporate events, fundraisers, etc., these are the bands that will rock your party and impress your guests:
Concerts & Festivals
When we play concerts and festivals, our bands perform to captivate the audience and create memories. It’s not just a show they put on, but a moment in time for the audience to remember and take home with them. So with a WEC band, the next time you put on a concert, you know you’ve created a fan who will come back for more. The following bands specialize in concerts and festivals:
Specialty Events – Anniversary Parties, Homecoming, etc.
WEC bands love to party with you, and we want to bring you not just a fun time, but a great, entertaining and engaging show! These are the bands we recommend:
B’nai Mitzvahs
Music, games and dancing are the integral to any celebration. Your child’s B’ani Mitzvah reception is no exception. These bands and artists will engage and delight your guests of all ages, including everyone in the fun! These are the bands and performers we recommend:
Your wedding day is a special time filled with all types of emotion. These performers will help you plan their part of your day to make it a seamless element of your event. Paying attention to details and attention to their audience these great artists will enhance your celebration and make the party! These are the performers we recommend:
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