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WEC Rock

The Nexus Rock Band

nexus-rock-band-thumbnailA high energy Rock & Roll band that is renowned for their Classic Rock, Funk and Pop. A band that has played for heads of state, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Peloci and other dignitaries. A band that takes your party or gala and turns it into a private rock concert, just for you. Yes, we have sound samples! Let us show you those and more.

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New York Minute

new-york-minute-thumbnailNew York Minute is a set rehearsed band that has been serving the industry for 8 years now providing the BEST in live music & event production. They have performed at events throughout the world! We have performed in Paris, West Palm Beach Florida, Houston Texas, Cleveland, as well as the New York city for celebrity parties and corporate events. Bring New York Minute’s show to you event!

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The Liverpool Beat

photo-band-liverpool-beatYour ultimate Beatles tribute band, having performed concerts, parties, festivals and corporate events since 2001.

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Choper Music Program

We Assemble The Perfect Band For YOU!

WEC manages several in house bands, including the Nexus Rock Band, The Choper Jazz Project, The Kol Haruach Band and The New Klezmer Quintet (as shown on this page). These bands specialize in a wide variety of music, from classic rock, blues, jazz and swing, to Klezmer and more. If you are interested in any of these specialties, we encourage you to check out those bands. If however, you have an interest in the music of more than one of these bands, let us know and we can discuss combining the parts of the bands you like to create the perfect band for you – a band that plays all of the music you want.

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WEC Folk


The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band

kol-haruach-thumbnailThis is the band with the reputation in the US and around the world as one of the best Klezmer/Israeli bands there is! They are specifically known for their jamming medleys, Hora sets, and ability to morph in to a full Swing band upon request. Kol Haruach has performed at many events including the John F. Kennedy Center.

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WEC Jazz

The Choper Jazz Project

photo-band-cjpThe personal project of Drummer Brian Choper, this band writes and performs all types of Jazz, and is one of the great Jazz bands of the area.

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2 and a Bass

2-and-a-bass-thumbnailFounded by renowned bass player Dan Hall, the 2 and a Bass Trio offer creative mixed instrumentation that lets this group convincingly play a wider variety of musical styles then a standard string trio or quartet. They easily perform material from the traditional classical repertoire while excelling at jazz and pop tunes. Style, versatility and performance excellence – 2 and a Bass.

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Potomac Jazz

potomac-jazz-thumbnailThe band’s repertoire ranges from the classic early jazz works, through swing, bop and cool, and on into the modern era. Whether you want to have music in the style of Ellington, Gershwin, Parker, Sinatra, Jobim, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock (or all of the above), they do that!

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WEC Soul and R&B


escapade-thumbnailEscapade is made up of some of the most talented and accomplished performers, producers, and technicians in the country. They have an expertise in presenting entertainment like no others. With Escapade you get a professionally executed and seamlessly delivered entertainment production every time.

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nightlife_thumbnailNightLife is a high-energy band that will liven up any occasion. NightLife's most largely received compliment is, "you all look like you are having so much fun!" And we are! We offer the perfect mix of excellent entertainers to keep the crowd on the dance floor, and an extensive song list which allows us to tailor each event to the musical preferences of each individual client.

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Simply Funk

thumbnailSIMPLY FUNK is a soulful, high energy funk and R&B dance band from Baltimore, MD that is ready to take their show back on the road in 2014! SIMPLY FUNK is composed of four outstanding vocalists Daniel Holcomb, Kenneth Robinson, Maurice Day and Mike Jackson, who share lead vocals and sing smooth harmonies together. They are backed by a tight rhythm section featuring bassist Gary McCory, drummer Gerry Hope and rhythm guitarist Gerald Frisby, along with keyboardist Micheal Orchard and percussionist Jerome Scroggins, and young singer Devaunte Robinson.

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The "Original" Moonlighters

original-moonlighters-thumbnailSince 1990, The Moonlighters® have been performing throughout the United States as one of the country's best-loved and most authentic variety bands. Averaging over one hundred appearances per year, The Moonlighters ® offer affordable quality, specializing in weddings, corporate events, private parties, festivals, and concerts, with an emphasis on strong, soulful vocals and solid instrumentation.

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WEC Artists

Asala - Middle Eastern Dance

Asala - Middle Eastern DanceAsala brings beauty, grace and an exotic flare to your event - performing to live music from the area's most talented musicians, Asala is that memorable performer to entertain your guests!"

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Brian Choper

Brian ChoperBrain Choper is an internationally renowned drummer/percussionist with over 35 years of performance experience. He is noted as one of the distinguished American drummers for his performance and band management abilities. Brian has such a passion for playing the drums, he can’t play enough.

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D's Magic

D's MagicMagician "Mr. Dave" provides a visual show that combines comedy magic, illusions choreographed to music, audience participation, and the amazing appearance of Donatello the rabbit! Mr. Dave's walk-around performance is wildly enchanting and features comedy and close-up magic that appears in the hands of your guests. Make your next event special, fun and memorable!

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DJ Tamer Yehia

dj_tamerDJ Tamer was one of the most popular DJs in Egypt and the Middle East, playing at the hottest night spots in Cairo and Sharm El Shekh before becoming resident DJ for Hard Rock Café in Cairo and then promoted to Entertainment Manager of Hard Rock franchises throughout the Middle East. In addition to his wonderful music mixes, he offers amazing lighting and effects packages for an unforgettable wedding day experience.

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Alice Conway

Alice Conway, CSEP, is the Director of the Event Management Program at Stratford University in Falls Church, Virginia. She is a harpist, and is President of a special events management company, BB&C Productions, Inc, producing events for both national and international clients.

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We have harp music for any occasion that requires a touch of class and elegance.

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