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Why Use Washington’s Entertainment Connection

In other sections on this site, we touch on what sets us apart from all the other music agencies or consultants. But, we thought we’d expand on that to clarify questions that our clients have raised about our operation, how we work and our quality control.

Thunder & LightningYour Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Gala or Corporate Event, celebration or whatever your party…is important to you, and you want the best, as you only have one chance to get it right. The company and the band or DJ you choose for this will impact your reputation, the success of the event, and even possibly your personal success. When it has to be the best, Washington’s Entertainment Connection is the place to ask for support. We have the best musicians and therefore the best and most versatile bands and DJ’s, hands down. Our education, experience and talent is premium. On top of that, we love music, and we love helping people find the right music for their events. That is our advantage. Now, everybody claims this, but we wanted to give you more meat & potatoes about it. So if you read on, we will explain what we do, how and why we do it, and how this process affects you.

Our Bands and DJ’s Make You Look Like A Million Dollars! They Rock Your Party.

Talent: We represent the most talented performers, bands, DJs and entertainers in the area. Many of our performers have toured with national artists or have notable careers in the business. Many have been on TV, on radio and on the stage. We also work with ex-sidemen from the Dave Matthews Band, America’s Got Talent and more. When a seasoned performer moves here from New York, Chicago or LA, they are likely to contact us to represent them. Why do they call us? Well, let’s explain that.

Thunder & LightningOur Bands And Our Talent Are One – The Best: As we’ve said repeatedly on this site, we have the best singers, musicians and DJ’s in the region. We really do. You might ask why, because there is a reason. The fact is, we don’t just look for the best performers, they seek us out. And even if we know they’re good, we still audition them. We audition people all the time….In fact, we have performers asking to be a part of our organization every week. On average, about 1 in 17 seasoned players actually make the cut. And, there is a secret to this interest.

First of all, they get to meet and work with nationally renowned percussionist and the founder of WEC, Brian Choper, who is also a stage performance coach. With many of our signed artists, he personally coaches them. The best performers want to be with us, because they want the opportunity to be coached and to perform with our other artists, the best of the best. Icing on the cake and a major attraction to both our singers and our musicians, none of our bands perform using sequenced music (learn more about this)….As a quality rule, we refuse to perform with it. The performers working with us know they will be playing great music in bands with other top musicians, and no “electronified” sound-tracks! They want to be a part of that!

Experience and Expertise: Our performers are seasoned and experienced, but they also build and grow off of the knowledge of founder Brian Choper. Through his guidance and coaching, our in-house bands are stellar, our contracted bands are the best at what they do, and our DJ’s are A-class. We promise you, our bands will make you event the best it can be. You will shine as your guests have an awesome and memorable time!

Accolades: Our bands have played for such notables as heads of state, three US presidents and one foreign president, Senators and Congressmen, artisans and movie stars, etc. They’ve told us how much they love us, and they are the ones with the experience to really know the difference between the good and the great. Two notables recently credited the Thunder & Lightning band as being the best rock cover band they’d ever heard.

Kol HaruachProfessionalism: Professionalism is a part of being excellent. The bottom line, everything we do is about our attempt to be excellent. Quite frankly, we are in this business to create great music. It’s all about matching the band with what the client needs to make an awesome party….and then delivering it…and this is why we started WEC in the first place. As Brian has said, if we were not looking for a higher standard, we would all be on tour, playing with other bands, and would not be in a consultancy.

Value: We believe the word “value” means the right band at a price that fits your budget. We talk with you and even sometimes interview you to learn and make sure we understand what you need. Then we suggest ideas. Together as your band planning partner, we find the right band for you, and do it in a way that works with your budget, yet rocks your Party. We want to look good. We want you to look awesome!

What is Digital or Digi-Music?

Digital or “sequenced music” is pre-recorded music, set up as tracks that accompany live musicians during a performance. Why are we bringing this up? Well, read on and you’ll understand.

Band or DJ or Digi-Bands? How Do Other Agencies Take Care Of You?

Many agencies claim that with today’s electronic technologies, clients might prefer Digital-bands…or “Digi-bands”….bands that use Digi-Music, or sequenced music tracks during their shows as a substitute for live musicians. They claim that this is a good thing, that it will help make your party all the better. They claim that where you once had to choose between a band and a DJ, having a combination of both is a better option.
They sell this as a band alternative, because it is cheaper for them to produce and manage a band that plays to the digital soundtrack (called sequencing). These electrified bands usually feature 1 or 2 experienced singers, and 2 – 3 musicians, including a band leader who is hired to coordinate the electrified part of the music with the actual musicians playing to the electrified tracks.

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