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Highlights from a 40 minute drum-off between drummer Brian Choper and percussionist Sam Turner, April 11 2014.

How Brian Got Started

In 1983, he graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt MD (an Award winning music school)at the top of his music class. He went on to earn degrees in music and business.

During the next 10 years Brian gained experience by freelancing with many well-known bands and orchestras, including the Prince George’s Philharmonic and folk bands throughout the world. He became the 1st drummer to play with the Capital Klezmers and then joined the Machaya Klezmer Band. In 1997, he joined the Nexus Rock Band, a classic rock & roll band that toured, playing both festivals and concert halls.

It was in about 1995 when he also became interested in promoting bands and artists. He experimented by promoting the bands he performed with. The assumption was the busier those bands became the further the opportunity he would have to perform with them. As a result of these promotional efforts many of these bands became nationally known. Through this experience Brian discovered another talent, business. He created “Gigs for You”, and soon after Washington’s Entertainment Connection was established.


Brian manages and performs regularly with: “barefoot And A Tie“, “The Nexus Rock Band“, “Koh Haruach Klezmer Band / The New Klezmer Quintet“, and “The Choper Jazz Project”.

Accomplishments and Awards

Produced the Number 2 selling album in 1997 on the folk charts "What A Machaya"

Brian was featured on this album, rated #2 worldwide in Moment Magazine (1997)

Selected to participate in the international music festival in Safed, Israel (1992)

1st Drummer to play with Capital Klezmers (at the time 1 of 3 in the country)(1987)

Won 1st Prize at the Vienna International Music Festival for classic timpani (1983)

Discography/Thunder Records

Unexpected Joy - The New Klezmer Quintet - Live in Concert with Ramon Tasat; The New Klezmer Quintet (2008)

Kol Haruach - Live in Concert Klezmer and Jazz - Together at Last; The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band (2005)

In the Beginning...Bereshit - The New Klezmer Quintet (2004)

An Evening for You; The Jazz Connection (2004)

Tap Your Feet to a Jewish Beat; Sally Heckelman (2002)

What a Machaya; Machaya Klezmer Band (1996)

Machaya Klezmer Band; Machaya Klezmer Band (1993)

Brian promotes many bands besides those he performs with. Some of these include: “St8ofGrace”, “New York Minute”, “2 and a Bass”, “The Liverpool Beat” and a host of Duos, Trios and Quartets.


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