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Washington's Entertainment Connection (WEC) offers the followoing primary services:

  • Masterfully matching their clients with the best bands and party DJ’s for all their special occasions, including weddings, reunions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and receptions.
  • Representing and promoting the best bands and DJ’s, hand-picked and signed to our roster, providing the most incredible options in live music in the entire Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan region.
  • Managing and supporting our in-house bands and artists and providing them the tools they need to be at their very best whenever and wherever they are performing.
  • Connecting clients with additional event services that have been screened, tested and proven by our professionals in-house to be superior in the services they provide, including videography, audio production and recording, event lighting and photography.


What's In It For You That Makes WEC The Best Choice

We do more than just provide the options. We help you make the music decisions, so that you shine with the results! When you call to book a band or DJ through WEC, you have the opportunity to speak directly either with our owner Brian Choper or with a representative trained by him to help you make the perfect choice. Brian has a long history in music and party planning as a world renowned drummer/percussionist and producer who also writes and arranges. He is not just the owner of the company, he actually manages, arranges and performs with several of the bands on our roster.

A Planning Partner For the Music Side of Things.

Why is this important? You are consulting with an expert who is willing to share with you his firsthand knowledge of what will work to make your event a success. With over 35 years of experience, he's seen just about everything one can imagine in the business, He knows the business, the bands and has a national reputation for matching the right band or DJ and the right music to make your event work and to make you shine.

Brian and his staff can discuss the details of your event with you and introduce you to the various options that we would recommend. We will help you by providing solutions based on your ideas about what musical entertainment you are looking for. Together, we will help you make an informed and educated choice. By helping and supporting you, you can be assured that you've made a decision on musical entertainment that will make your event truly special.

When you hire one of WEC's bands or DJ’s, you often receive the additional benefit of having a representative from WEC on location at your party. Our representative knows the complete details of your event and acts as a liaison between the band/DJ and you or your event coordinator. This service is specifically available when hiring one of our bands to ensure they meet your requirements for musical entertainment. After all, the music makes the party, and when it’s right, you shine!

WEC also has access to exceptional videographers, photographers and event lighting to capture, enhance and wowify your party. At Washington's Entertainment Connection, our goal is to make your event awesome!

Melissa Gluck

Potomac MD

"If you want an outstanding party band, organized and put together just for your specific vision and needs, then Washington's Entertainment Connection is the right place to look."

Professionalism and Versatility Behind the Music

Our bands are experienced at "reading the room", figuring out and playing the music that engages all the guests in the fun! Our bands find the music that will entertain all ages, playing music for the younger crowd while finding the right mix to get the senior of the group up and dancing too!
Our bands will dress to suit your event, semi formal, formal or casual. You tell us what you want.

Superior Communication and Service

As mentioned above, most agencies are about the contract; closing the contract as quickly as possible. In doing this, the client might not actually hire the best band. They might just hire a band that works. As the agent closes the deal in haste, it is more common for them to not pass on the crucial details of your party they've discussed with you to the band. It's like phone tag. The typical scenario of the agent passing your event information to the band gets convoluted, misunderstood, and eventually becomes inaccurate. This process usually ends in surprises because the band comes to the party unprepared. This could lead to anything from a first dance song missing, or confusion over start time. We've heard all the horror stories, both from the clients and from the bands. When WEC helps you with your party details, they make sure the band knows all the ins and outs of the conversations, all the particulars. It's all part of doing a good job for you.

Going the Extra Mile for You

We go the extra mileWhen you hire one of WEC's full House Bands, you often receive the additional benefit of having a representative from WEC, on location, at your party. This representative has already spoken with the client and the band, knows the details of your party and can be a liaison between the band and your event coordinator avoiding mistakes, increasing flexibility and letting you enjoy your role as host. This service is specifically available when hiring one of our house bands. This representative will know the details of your event, as outlined in your agreement with WEC.

Things to consider when planning:

  1. Band cost is determined in part by the length of the show and the number of musicians involved.
  2. WEC will contact the venue to address power and lighting parameters. Our goal at WEC is to manage the details so that the band knows them and can work with them.

At WEC - We match great players with great clients. Our goal is to provide you with amazing music that will make you the envy of your guests. Our bands are working toward your goal, to create an incredible party

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